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The Stowaway Park Association consist of 40 homes located in a secluded area of West Milford Township in New Jersey. The Smith family who worked the area as farmland constructed our development in the 1970’s. In the 70’s the land was parsed out and sold as 40 individual plots.

West Milford Township has a current population of 26,759. West Milford Township is in Passaic County. West Milford was settled by the Lenni Lenape Indians, a peaceful tribe, that sold their land to the English and moved south. Later, English, Dutch, and German settlers realized the potential and wealth of West Milford from trapping and mining and began to develop communities.

The forest provided fine habitat for wildlife which was prolific. Animal pelts that were extremely valuable in the Old World were easy to come by in West Milford; thus, trapping became a main source of income for the early settlers.

Current News

New Business
Town has inspected our bridge and has signed off on the re-inforcements. The septic cleaning trucks should be able to pass without any issues.
Old Business
The town has asked us to hold off on any heavy vehicles crossing over the bridge. They have repairs planned for this week.
We are working with the town to have our bridge issues addressed. According to the Mayor, we are next in line.
Bears spotted near Union Valley Road.
Turkey Season, drive carefully.
Rabbit population explosion, we are contacting animal control.
Health & Welfare
Emily Jones is back home with her family. False alarm.
Please remember to call animal control should you see any animals behaving strangely.
Remember to provide your pets with tick protection due to the amount of rabbits this year.